Now Presenting: The Otaku Skeptic

Hello and welcome! I’m Dan, and I watch and read and play a lot of things. Like, a lot of things. But the benefit of watching and reading and playing so many things on various electronic media (aside, of course, from the glorious entertainment) is that I often find myself with things to say about them. Sometimes even marginally interesting things.

But!–you have no doubt exclaimed in the general direction of several thousand pixels–there are already so many people who talk about things they watch and read and play on our great intertubes! What could possibly make your take on things any more interesting that what the thousands of other bloggers out there are saying?

Well, maybe nothing. Or maybe everything!

But, to quote the second worst hero in the Suikoden franchise, we won’t know until we try!

Also, in case you care to know, I am an academic in Real Life and also blog about education and skepticism over on School of Doubt. So head over there if you’re interested in that sort of thing–we have some great writers!

Stay tuned for my first review!

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