JRPG Review: Suikoden Tierkreis

[Note: I recently found this review that I wrote of Suikoden Tierkreis a few years ago, but never posted. So here you go!]

Several months ago I finally relented and purchased my first ever portable system: a shiny blue Nintendo DS XL. Naturally, the first card to grace its virgin slot–that is, after the brief but obligatory primae noctis obeisance afforded to Chrono Trigger–was Suikoden Tierkreis, the most recent addition to Konami’s somewhat uneven but vastly under-appreciated console RPG series. Continue reading

Itsuki Koizumi: He's in your personal space, gaying you up.

Finally! Haruhi Suzumiya: The Review

Hello out there in TV Land! Things have been a bit on the hectic side lately, which has left me without much time for reviews, but fear not! December looks to be full of delicious holiday blogging.

When last I mentioned Haruhi Suzumiya I was in the throes of the controversial second season, which (spoilers) Continue reading